What is your 100% price guarantee?
  • Our large volume allows us to offer very competitive pricing, and we're confident you will find the best prices right here.


What is your quality guarantee?
  • We have complete faith in our products, to the extent that we are proud of them. Any errors in material, design, or printing will be fully refunded or reproduced and shipped with no additional cost to you. WE WANT YOU TO LOVE THE PRODUCT YOU RECEIVE - NOT JUST LIKE IT


 Do you ship outside the US?
  • Yes. We ship to United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and India.


    What is your return policy?


    I have a large commercial order. Can you give me an even bigger discount?
    • Yes, we offer even more attractive rates for large and bulk orders. Please contact our sales department at sales@success-hunters.com


    How much does shipping cost? How long does delivery take? 


    What if my order was not delivered at guaranteed time?
    • As noted on the Website, delivery time is guaranteed for print ready files. If you need a proof, that will add at least one day. We ship all our orders UPS. We are not responsible for delays caused by the UPS as it's out of our control. If we fail to ship in time for a guaranteed delivery date, we will refund shipping cost on the order. Please mention in the special instructions if you need to have the canvas at certain date.


    I'm not comfortable using my credit card on the Internet; can I order by phone or fax?
    • To be most cost effective, we can't process small orders on the phone or fax. We will make exceptions on large orders.
    • Please note: our Website has top security features. All credit card processing is handled by a reputable company. We do not retain, file, or even view any customers' credit card information.


    What is the difference between Thin, and Thick Gallery?
    • Thin Wrap: They come with prestretched canvas on 0.75" thick wooden frames. They are useful of you want to use the canvas and put a customized frame on it. They have a thin, sleek, and stunning look. They come ready to hang.
    • Thick Wrap: They come with prestretched canvas on 1.5" thick wooden frames. They are the ideal choice if you want to put them up on their own. The thick edges give a very contemporary and professional look to the canvas. They come ready to hang.

    What is the canvas material that you use?
    • We use specially manufactured cotton blend canvas for archival printing.